Server Rules

    • No killing or stealing of vehicles and from vehicles and from containers in traderzone
    • No heli lifting OR towing of others vehicles within the Traderzone
    • No ramming in traderzone
    • Any vehicles left in Trader Zones will be unlocked after server restart and people are allowed to take them!
    • Outside trader you can steal all you want this is a PVP server.
    • Try to keep English Only In Sidechat
    • No VOIP In Sidechat (Including Radio chat)
    • No Hacking, Exploiting, Duping Or Glitching
    • No avoiding combat by safezone ‘god mode’ switching or using safezone for any advantage – flying jet over safezone will also be considered as it
    • No following players to kill them after they leave edge of safezone or camping on edge of safezone – kills made within 300m from safezone edge will be punished. (You cant kill anyone in that radius to safezone edge)
    • No logging off in enemy base
    • Its allowed to scam – administration is not responsible for scams, don’t let yourself scammed in first place.
    • No logging out of game to gain advantage
    • No ‘Combat logging’ – logging out in combat
    • No toxic behavior like being too much vulgar/suspecting everyone for cheating or abusing admin powers without providing proof etc.
    • No non-mature behavior
    • Complains/Issues without screenshot/video will be ignored
    • Making wrong report on someone by providing invalid information will result in punishment
    • Creating a trap on roads to safezone, both with mines or not, is allowed from 1km far from safezone edge
    • Vehicle belongs to guy who drove vehicle inside safezone, and you are not allowed to interact with it when it isn’t yours!

Building rules

  • Minimum range to a fuel station = 300m
  • Minimum range to a spawn point = 1500m
  • Minimum range to the trader city = 1500m
  • Minimum range to the radiation zone = 1300m
  • People must have option to plant charges and get into >every room< of your base by ground.
  • Physically bullshit not allowed, like single elements floating in air, walls stacking etc.
  • No floating bases
  • Building over roads is permitted with a minimum height of an Ikarus or Chevrolet Monster (must be able to pass under)
  • Flags have to be placed on a floor or ground of a base.
  • Flags placed in the air or raised up on pillars/walls will be removed.**
  • Flags, Safes, and other containers, must be accessible (no flying over ground)
  • No building objects on flag (like pillars etc.) or hiding it in other object, flag can only be covered using walls in room (triangle 3x or 4x quad)
  • Flags with objects on it will be removed.
  • No building outside map
  • No building at base raid

Server owner/Admin/Tester: Nerexis

Moderators: Kryhu, ProjectDARPA, Gregor, Smiley

Admins/moderators are allowed to play as normal players, but are not allowed to take advantage as admins or give it to anyone. They also have to play with admin mode off. (They should be transparent)


4 thoughts on “Server Rules

  1. Hello there

    I would like to donate to your server as I enjoy playing on it, what gifts are you referring to on this topic? Base?

    Thanks in advance


    1. It will have features to pay for territory fee, check vehicle pins, set custom skins etc.
      Btw please dont ask here in comment regarding server rules but on our Discord or Forums


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