We are not dead :)

Hello! It’s pleasure for me to announce, that I’m creating completely new modification of Exile game mode! New mode will be more dynamic and will have more pvp/pve combat than standard Exile, and less 24h base camping.
It will be based on fighting for territories across map, holding them, and protecting them by hiring NPCs! Inspiration for this game mode is territory system from game Eve Online and RISK game-mode from Warcraft 3! Server will be of course in realistic military style.
Release date is in about month on my new server, which will be announced here!

Ask questions in comments, or on our Discord:




Server temporarily off

Currently our server (and forums) is offline, because lack of donations.
There are many reasons, why we didn’t get support to pay for the server, and we discuss those things on our Discord. In result of discussion, I currently plan to modify default Exile game mode, so it might encourage people to support us, and get us new player base.
First tests might happen after couple of weeks or maybe month.
To join discussion about our new modifications, please join our Discord. We like to hear your opinion!

Summer updates

During summer time, my servers had really low population recently.
Because of that, I had to move server to cheaper machine because there were not enough donations to keep old machine alive. Unfortunately I had to close Taunus server too. Hopefully performance will still be ok. There was additionally server wipe to help with performance and some other changes like I again limited max number of parts per base.

I have also decided to change server characteristics a bit. Because of tons of  new games which mirror a lot default ArmA3/Exile gameplay, lots of people have split into other games. That’s one of reason why we lost some population. To help with this problem I have decided to change a bit server characteristics, into more hardcore mode, to get gain more popularity among more hardcore players. Why so? Because I don’t think that people who loves ArmA platform for being a very good military simulator would leave it, and so hopefully they will discover this server and will stay to enjoy the mode which ArmA was made for 🙂

Also, there was ArmA3 update to version 1.74, update your client!

For full changelog, please watch our forum.

Aircraft Carrier Mission

Aircraft Carrier USS Freedom can now attack Chernarus! Be aware!

Objective: kill all enemies protecting aircraft carrier


Aircraft carrier has many types of defense systems:
– few AA Turrets
– can deploy air vehicles like jets/choppers
– has infantry protecting landing pad
– has land vehicle protecting landing pad

Reward can be:
– attack chopper
– jet
– reward box

Suggested forces to attack carrier:
– 2 AA systems and AA manpads
– if carrier is in range of land, use rocket launchers or vehicles like tanks/APCs/TOWs to disable carrier AA turrets
– boats can also be useful for support, after most Air units are disabled
– after air units and AA systems are disabled, assault carrier using choppers!
– support of jet can also be helpful to disable carrier’s air units, when jet flies fast, most likely carrier’s AA systems won’t hit it
– attack choppers are great to destroy rest of forces after AA systems are disabled

– drop special forces on parachutes using high altitude transport vehicle
– remember to take explosives to disable AA systems
– disable AA systems
– after AA systems are disabled, call for your heavy units to assault ship


Taunus Server Open Tests


I think most of things on Taunus server set up, so I decided to run public test on it.
Server settings are mostly the same as on Chernarus server, however some changes will be listed below.
The purpose of test is to find some bugs which might happen due to transition to new map and 64-bit server version.
It’s unknown if players will be able to keep all or some stuff after test is over. Also it’s unknown for how long test will be run.
There also might be unexpected downtimes, however server is set to run all the time.

Test start: 17.05.2017 19:30 – 20:00 GMT+1
Test end: unknown, at least few days? / also depends on release of new Exile v1.0.3

– you need to install the X-Cam Taunus map v1.1 (, map is also available in Steam Workshop and A3Launcher
– disable CUP Terrains Maps when joining
– rest of mods are the same as on Chernarus server

Server IP Info:
[Image: b_350_20_692108_381007_FFFFFF_000000.png]

– server is run on 64-bit server version (unofficial Exile mod modifications), standard binary ( no performance binary yet)
– rearming is different than on Chernarus because old script isn’t compatible with 64-bit version, use Ammo trucks to rearm vehicles
– mission Underwater Commandos and Coastal Patrol are disabled – there is no water for them
– mission Convoy is temporarily disabled because waypoints for new map aren’t set up yet
– some server messages were updated to fit Taunus, if there are some typos / messages which don’t fit please report
– E-Mail notification system isn’t enabled for this server – game panel has to be modified to make it possible to select server, so its not done yet

Known issues:
– lots of buildings might not have loot set

Same rules apply to both server – also you can punished on both server in case of ban etc.

Please report any issues in this topic or on Discord.
I’m looking for feedback.

Server migration and new IP

Today, the server has been migrated to new machine. I decided to do so, because new machine has better hardware, but I had to ‘rebuy’ offer to have it, and because of that I couldn’t keep old IP. The new IP:, port 2302. 
Name of server haven’t changed, everything is the same as in old machine.

The new machine will allow me to deploy another server on the same machine, with new map. I haven’t decided which map. Other settings will probably be the same.