Summer updates

During summer time, my servers had really low population recently.
Because of that, I had to move server to cheaper machine because there were not enough donations to keep old machine alive. Unfortunately I had to close Taunus server too. Hopefully performance will still be ok. There was additionally server wipe to help with performance and some other changes like I again limited max number of parts per base.

I have also decided to change server characteristics a bit. Because of tons of  new games which mirror a lot default ArmA3/Exile gameplay, lots of people have split into other games. That’s one of reason why we lost some population. To help with this problem I have decided to change a bit server characteristics, into more hardcore mode, to get gain more popularity among more hardcore players. Why so? Because I don’t think that people who loves ArmA platform for being a very good military simulator would leave it, and so hopefully they will discover this server and will stay to enjoy the mode which ArmA was made for 🙂

Also, there was ArmA3 update to version 1.74, update your client!

For full changelog, please watch our forum.


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