Aircraft Carrier Mission

Aircraft Carrier USS Freedom can now attack Chernarus! Be aware!

Objective: kill all enemies protecting aircraft carrier


Aircraft carrier has many types of defense systems:
– few AA Turrets
– can deploy air vehicles like jets/choppers
– has infantry protecting landing pad
– has land vehicle protecting landing pad

Reward can be:
– attack chopper
– jet
– reward box

Suggested forces to attack carrier:
– 2 AA systems and AA manpads
– if carrier is in range of land, use rocket launchers or vehicles like tanks/APCs/TOWs to disable carrier AA turrets
– boats can also be useful for support, after most Air units are disabled
– after air units and AA systems are disabled, assault carrier using choppers!
– support of jet can also be helpful to disable carrier’s air units, when jet flies fast, most likely carrier’s AA systems won’t hit it
– attack choppers are great to destroy rest of forces after AA systems are disabled

– drop special forces on parachutes using high altitude transport vehicle
– remember to take explosives to disable AA systems
– disable AA systems
– after AA systems are disabled, call for your heavy units to assault ship



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