Taunus Server Open Tests


I think most of things on Taunus server set up, so I decided to run public test on it.
Server settings are mostly the same as on Chernarus server, however some changes will be listed below.
The purpose of test is to find some bugs which might happen due to transition to new map and 64-bit server version.
It’s unknown if players will be able to keep all or some stuff after test is over. Also it’s unknown for how long test will be run.
There also might be unexpected downtimes, however server is set to run all the time.

Test start: 17.05.2017 19:30 – 20:00 GMT+1
Test end: unknown, at least few days? / also depends on release of new Exile v1.0.3

– you need to install the X-Cam Taunus map v1.1 (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32107), map is also available in Steam Workshop and A3Launcher
– disable CUP Terrains Maps when joining
– rest of mods are the same as on Chernarus server

Server IP Info:
[Image: b_350_20_692108_381007_FFFFFF_000000.png]

– server is run on 64-bit server version (unofficial Exile mod modifications), standard binary ( no performance binary yet)
– rearming is different than on Chernarus because old script isn’t compatible with 64-bit version, use Ammo trucks to rearm vehicles
– mission Underwater Commandos and Coastal Patrol are disabled – there is no water for them
– mission Convoy is temporarily disabled because waypoints for new map aren’t set up yet
– some server messages were updated to fit Taunus, if there are some typos / messages which don’t fit please report
– E-Mail notification system isn’t enabled for this server – game panel has to be modified to make it possible to select server, so its not done yet

Known issues:
– lots of buildings might not have loot set

Same rules apply to both server – also you can punished on both server in case of ban etc.

Please report any issues in this topic or on Discord.
I’m looking for feedback.


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